Photo by Carli Davidson. 

Photo by Carli Davidson. 

Kevin Davis earned his B.A. in Music Composition from Seattle Pacific University in 2003, a Certificate of Sound Design from Point Blank Music School in 2012, and studied graduate Psychology at Western Seminary  in 2015.

Kevin founded the band Glowworm and in 2008 released The Coachlight Woods. Music from this album has been placed in feature films, television, and national radio programs (such as NPR's This American Life). It currently has over 20 million streams on Spotify. 

Kevin also wrote and performed in Pacific UV (WARM Records) for several years, contributing to 2008's Longplay 2. The album gained international acclaim, scoring a 7.9 on Pitchforkmedia and placement on the 2009 season finale of HBO's Californication

In 2011, Kevin founded the experimental band Beta Cicadae. BC's debut album Mouna was released on Elegua Records in 2012, to positive international acclaim (Experimedia, Ambient Exotica, antigravitybunny).

Dirt and Sky, a largely ambient Beta Cicadae album, was self released in 2015, and remains a personal favorite achievement. 

Kevin is currently working on the second Glowworm album, The Distant Sound, which will be released in October of 2018. 

Kevin lives in Macon, GA with his wife Rachel, his son Elliot, and their dog Pen. 

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