New City, New Projects

The last few months have been a by-the-skin-of-my-teeth ride, with my making art whenever I've had my hands free enough. I've finally settled in the small but charming gold rush town of Placerville, CA, where I hope to put down some roots and get to work on many projects. 

Fore-mostly, I've been asked to be a part of an amazing worldwide photography project:

"During the month of June 2014, around twenty photographers will contribute real time from around the world to the same Instagram account (@socphotogallery) that serves as the virtual gallery component to our hybrid gallery. That virtual gallery will become part of an interactive installation that is projected within the space of our physical gallery, cementing the creation of a true hybrid gallery. The virtual projected images will share the same space as printed images & furniture design pieces that also explore theories of interaction and experience of space and place. Images captured during the month will be available for print through our printing partner Roberts Camera. For more info, go to "

(Excerpt from photographer David Ingraham's Facebook announcement. More to come as the project unfolds.)

© Kevin Scott Davis