Among many of my interests has always been design. I even took classes at the Art Institute of Portland while working there as an accountant and my tuition was paid for. At the time, however, I was playing in several bands and, of course, working full time. It really came down to choosing between having the time for music, which I'd already invested many years and a college degree in, or to continue with graphic design. I chose music. 

Fast forward several bands, albums, and one decade later, and I now live a much quieter life (literally and figuratively). This has opened up some time for explorations into many things I've missed over the years, and design is one of them. In fact, I am beginning to see graphic design as a potential next career step for me, Lord willing and life permitting. I am still working on music steadily, and always will be, but the touring life is not for me anymore, and nor is working 10$/hr day jobs while making albums in my bedroom. Not now that I have a family. So I've been opening up my expectations in career and whittling down my creative scope, trying many new mediums along the way. 

I intend to use this blog (finally!) as a posting board for my efforts in learning new mediums, as well as to share projects made in familiar ones. It scares me to death to make public forms of art I'm not very good at, but it really is about the process of growth, not the destination. I am looking forward to being able to look back and visually identify strides in growth. I think posting visual material will encourage me to share some words alongside occasionally, like this. Totally unexpected. 

Right now I'm using Lynda.com, Skillshare, YouTube, and a bunch of books as my low cost design college, and I am pretty motivated to stay serious until I either a) become good and build something marketable out of it, or b) learn enough to know I can cross graphic design off my list of potential careers. 

So, for today, here is a piece I made after watching a class with Vasjen Katro, who has been making a poster a day in a modern Bauhaus influenced style. I suggest you check his stuff out!