by Beta Cicadae

Beta Cicadae is an ongoing experimental and ambient music project. Mouna was recorded in Pahoa, HI, and Portland, OR in 2011 and released on Elegua Records in 2013.

Mouna employs field recordings, electroacoustic instrumentation, synthesizers, celtic harp, guitars, opera singing, cats... all played or sampled into collage-like pieces that aim to transport the listener. It is a psychonautical journey through a very mysterious aural topography, influenced by the forests, lakes, jungles, and other such lush spaces God created on earth. 

Available for digital purchase worldwide, or in beautiful limited edition physical packaging HERE


"A highly recommended trip."  Dissolve (France)

"Highly melodic vibrations transform the heightened outer world into an inner headspace. Beautiful!"
 De:Bug (Germany)

“Mouna” is a quite lovely listen, one which instills me with a firm sense of place and a type of implacable nostalgia. Recommended."
– Experimedia (US)

 "Life is everywhere & at every moment, this covers the entire range of emotion with calm oddities, frightened fauna, chaos & control, washed out & dazzlingly brilliant, the dark night of the unknown & the slow morning peace, and the opening track 'Pahoa' is the most beautiful fucking thing I’ve ever heard, it’s a masterpiece of wonder, a place of perfection, and I just want to live inside it forever. This is as good as debuts get, my friends. The best on every level."
 Anti-Gravity Bunny (US)


Music, Recording, Mixing – K. Davis
Vocals on Track 08 – Helen Funston
Mastering – Carl Saff
Cover Photo – K.Davis

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